Sunday, November 13, 2011

Attention Nashville Homeless! Help Occupy Nashville!

Attention Nashville Homeless!

Join the party!

Free Stuff!

Help Occupy Nashville!

Legislative Plaza- 24 hours a day!

Free Food! Free blankets! Free winter clothing.
(Also, some have found unattended lap top computers and cell phones on the mall and that they have been able to claim and sell. Some protestors have abandoned their tents and belongings and they are now free for the taking. )

Companionship and all night conversation!

Join generous people who advocate sharing the wealth, who do not like authority or conformity. Like you, they feel "the man" has screwed them. They hate the rich; they love the poor. 

They will share their donated food and blankets and money with you and they most likely will invite you to share their tents and other belongings. They advocate sharing the wealth and believe in economic justice.

Don't worry about the police arresting you for loitering or sleeping in the park or urinating in public. The laws are no longer in effect. 

Enjoy all night guitar playing and conversation and camaraderie. Bring your booze and drugs. They won’t mind. These are very non-judgmental, tolerant, and loving folks who share your values.

Most of them or what you might think of as rich privileged kids but they are doing their protest for everyone except the very, very, very rich.  

Their movement is for everyone except the top 1%.  
That means you!  

Many of them don't really know any real poor people and they will be excited to hear you stories. Also, some of these folks have never spent the night out before when it is cold and rainy. You can help them by showing them how to do it. They will appreciate the help. You will be welcomed with open arms! They would find it hypocritical to turn away the homeless.
They are waiting for you to Join the movement!

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