Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Herman, you know "Libya," that country in Africa? Gaddafi?

Oh no. This is painful to watch. Between Rick Perry and Herman Cain, this makes Perry look like the smart one. Perry's brain freeze is easier to excuse than Cain's stalling and stumbling and trying to remember his position on Libya.  I wanted to help him and say, "you know, Libya, that country in Africa."  What would he have said if they would have followed up with a question about the War Powers Act?

After watching the Gingrich-Cain Debate a couple weeks ago I said my dream ticket would be Gingrich-Cain. I have liked Cain. I have liked his straightforwardness and common sense approach to issues. I like his private sector success.  I like his charisma and personality.

I did have my reservations however when some time back, while visiting Murfressboro, he said the First Amendment did not apply to Muslims and said local governments should get to decide which religions get to build houses of worship. Later he did backtrack.  I excused and overlooked that. He had a lot of other things going for him.

Rightly or wrongly, however, I think Cain is damaged. I do not think he can overcome the damage done by the sexual harassment allegations.

I do not think he helped himself by defending water-boarding the other night. And, with performances like this, I am not sure he is ready for prime time. I am beginning to believe Cain would be a drag on the ticket.  I am cooling to Herman Cain.

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  1. Perry is the smart one. Cain has great charisma and personality. We have that now, and how is that working for us. Cain has very little understanding how government works. He has lots to learn. A good businessman, but he would have to learn the ins and outs of government. He isn’t strong in foreign affairs. His 9-9-9 has economic problems. He keeps coming back to that because that’s all he feels comfortable talking about. A snappy sound, but 9-9-9 increases taxes on the fixed income crowd. Cain's pauses in the conversation are not in itself a problem. He was thinking about how he was going to answer the question. "Mr. know it all" Obama has made many more errors exactly like this.

    Criticizing Perry because he had brain freeze is ridiculous. So what, any public speaker is subject to having that happen. Perry has run a state for over 9 years that is very successful. He was re-elected 2 times after his first 4 years. This man understands how to make things happen. He is capable of going to Washington day one and making big changes and I believe he would. If I know anything about Rick Perry, that is, he dislikes government intrusion more than any other candidate.

    I believe Cain would be a fine VP and would help the ticket. If Perry is the candidate, I can’t imagine him choosing Cain since Cain has trashed him from the beginning without cause. I have never heard Perry say one bad thing about Cain.

  2. Mr. Cain's diplomatic statements on the fact he doesn't know/care who the president of Uzbekibekibekibekistanstan. Really? I'm afraid he has been making Perry look like the smart one for a while now. Perry's stoner moment seems like nothing compared to the ridiculousness coming out of Cain's mouth. Perry's moment may end up being like Howard Dean's "yeehaw" -- the press paints it their way and they get what they want.

    It's not as much Cain's idiot statements, but his ideas on foreign policy, domestic policy and the constitution that make him a frightening presidential hopeful.

    Are you supporting Cain and Bush because you want to continue your "Disgruntled Republican" blog? :)