Monday, August 29, 2011

Dave Patterson leads the Color Guard at the Titans game

Dave Patterson
Saturday night at the Tennessee Titans game, Metro Council candidate for District 4, Dave Patterson, was the man leading the U.S. Army Color Guard onto the field for the posting of the Flag for the singing of National Anthem. The crowd gave the Color Guard an enthusiastic standing ovation as they entered and exited the field and many children reached out for fist bumps and high 5s.

Dave is a member of the U. S. Army Reserves. He enlisted in 1988 and then sought to become an officer, receiving his commission in 1994. He served on active duty as a Lieutenant and Captain throughout the 1990s with tours in Korea and the Middle East.  While on active duty he was responsible for deploying units of the famous 3rd Infantry Division to Iraq, nicknamed “the Rock of the Marne.” The 3rd Infantry Division was the first conventional U.S. unit to enter Baghdad during the 2003 invasion, and the first division to serve four tours in Iraq. He has been in the Army Reserves the past 10 years.

Dave is in a run-off for the District 4 Council Seat on September 15th. In August, Dave came in second behind the incumbent, in a crowded six-man race. Several of the others in that six-man race are now supporting Patterson. Dave has a very good chance of victory in September.

When asked why he is running for office, Patterson said, "My leadership experience in the Military combined with my business experience makes me the right choice for solving Nashville's challenges. We need to create the right environment for job creation, make our neighborhoods safer, and reduce the tax burden on our citizens. I am prepared to lead on these issues on day one."

Patterson also said, "As Councilman, I want to ensure our Fair Grounds are protected and enhanced so they become a show piece of the city and a destination. We need to make our city more attractive to both businesses and individuals by lowering our property tax rate so it's more in line with the surrounding counties."

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