Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vote Yes on 1. End Tennessee as an abortion destination state.

From Tennessee Eagle Forum:
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This effort is in response the to 2000 State Supreme Court decision that overturned our 48-hour waiting period, our informed consent, and the law that required that second trimester abortions be done in a hospital.  The court 'found' that our State Constitution had a stronger 'right to privacy' than the US Constitution under Roe v Wade. (Actually, neither Constitution contains a 'right to privacy' -- it was 'manufactured' in both cases.)

Because of this decision, I am embarrassed and horrified to report that TN is now an ABORTION DESTINATION state.  We should all be embarrassed and ashamed!

It is vitally important to understand that in order to be successful, this amendment must receive 50% +1 of the votes cast in the Governor's race.  We could get the 'majority' of votes and still lose.  Folks have to understand that they must 'go down ballot' in order to vote on the amendment.  Millions of dollars will be poured into the state to defeat this effort.  Killing babies is big business.  We need money and we need hands and feet to make sure that this amendment passes.

If we are successful in amending the state constitution, the legislature can then pass common sense, health-protecting legislation.

As you can see from the misleading ALCU news release below, the opponents are gearing up for the fight.

FACEBOOK: YES on 1 Tennessee

Bobbie Patray - 360-8810 - on the Board of YES on 1 Campaign.

On Roe Anniversary ACLU-TN Urges Tennesseans to Take Action
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 21, 2014 CONTACT: Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN Executive Director, 615-320-7142; NASHVILLE - On the eve of the 41st anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's historic Roe v. Wade decision, the ACLU of Tennessee urges Tennesseans' to join in efforts to defeat the November 2014 ballot initiative that would erode women's access to reproductive health care by signing the "I Stand for Reproductive Freedom in Tennessee" petition.

The petition states that decisions regarding reproductive health are the most personal decisions a woman can make and that they should be made with those closest to her -her family, clergy and health care providers -free from interference by the government.

In Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized a woman's right to access abortion and comprehensive health care. In 2000, the Tennessee Supreme Court further protected reproductive freedom by issuing a historic decision in Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v. Sundquist, a case brought by ACLU-TN and others. The Court reaffirmed the right to privacy found in the Tennessee Constitution and ruled that a woman's right to abortion was protected under that privacy guarantee, finding that the Tennessee Constitution provides even greater protection than the U.S. Constitution.

Ever since the Tennessee Supreme Court's 2000 ruling, a backlash has surfaced in the Tennessee General Assembly, culminating in the upcoming 2014 ballot initiative intended to make abortion illegal and/or unavailable in Tennessee. The proposed constitutional amendment does not provide protections for women in the case of rape, incest or endangerment to their lives. ACLU-TN is now preparing an aggressive campaign to defeat the ballot initiative and petition signers will be kept abreast of the ballot initiative campaign.

The following can be attributed to Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee: "The ability to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term without government interference is essential to a woman's equality, autonomy and dignity, with implications for every aspect of her life-her education, family, career goals, economic status, and, more broadly, her ability to live the life she planned. Forty-one years after Roe, some politicians are still trying to take a woman's right to abortion away. But across the nation and in Tennessee, 'the war on women' is galvanizing people from both political parties to come out publicly against these attacks. In November 2014, Tennesseans have the opportunity to vote against government interference in our personal, private reproductive healthcare decisions. ACLU-TN urges Tennesseans committed to protecting reproductive freedom to vote no in November."

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  1. Kudos for putting this on your blog!

    Tennesseans in general do NOT want to be a DESTINATION STATE for abortion...nor do they want the possibility of abortion clinics without common sense regulations to protect women. It is horrifying that a few judges, in effect, changed our state Constitution without the say of ANY of our citizens. Let's all vote YES on 1 and restore our Tennessee Constitution which will then allow the Tennessee voters to make the decisions regarding this issue!


    1. Because, given the opportunity, the voters would more than likely outlaw abortions, in our state, for ANY reason. That's when the rights of the minority get trampled by the majority.

  2. The war on personal freedom continues. What happens between a women and her doctor is none of your business. Why is this so hard to understand. Where are the constitution supporters when you need them.

    1. true, if we're talking about treatment. but you must remember that abortion clinics are not treatment 'clinics' they have no more authority to do actual treatment than my dead granny. and the abortionists are not doctors. and even if a doctor and another person conspire to commit murder it is indeed our business.

    2. When you speak of "personal freedom" do you consider the "personal freedom" of the unborn child who has no voice? Are you speaking for them also? Are they telling you they don't want to be born? Someone must speak for them for they cannot speak for themselves? When a woman chooses abortion, she is not only making a decision for herself, she is making a decision for the unborn child? It may be her body, but it is the baby"s LIFE for whom she speaks.

    3. What if that fetus has died in the womb? What if the fetus has not developed the upper lobes of a brain or a heart and has no chance for survival, and is killing the mother with it? I am against random abortion, but medical reasons should be factored in.

  3. The question is whether an unborn child has the right to life of a person. Those of us who believe that our God-given right to life begins at conception believe that unborn children have the same right to life. Some believe that the right to life begins at birth, and there are a lot of muslims who believe that anybody who is not a muslim does not have a right to life. It is all a matter of your faith and philosophy.

  4. Liberal Democrats seem to think that only they should be allowed to say whatever they please.

    1. Liberal Democrats think that you should keep your nose out of others' business.

      Plus, on a purely practical point, people coming here for abortions is good for the state. They're gonna go somewhere, why not here?

    2. "people coming here for abortions is good for the state" We should legalize casinos, prostitution and drugs too so they can come for abortions but stay for fun. Those would all be "great for our state"......not