Thursday, October 31, 2013

1st Tuesday to present Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips

On WEDNESDAY [yes Wednesday] Nov 6th, 1ST TUESDAY welcomes Americans for Prosperity president,  TIM PHILLIPS

Want to hear the critical role AFP played defeating the liberals recall effort of Wisconsin Gov. Scott, Walker? Want to hear about AFP's powerful effort in the first successful recall of the DEM State Senators Colorado ?  Want to hear about the other major defeats liberals have experienced recently...AND... are going to suffer? Want to hear what now makes Tim Phillips - "one of the most feared men in American politics" ??

MANY of you know  -- Local Liberals plans to convert Nashville into "the San Francisco of the South." Want to hear about how AFP is now planning to us combat the Liberals plan for NASHVILLE ????
I am betting that you do.... and that is why I'm very excited for as many of you as possible to join us !

Initially... our hosts at WALLER Law advised that the conference room was booked .... THE GOOD NEWS is that WALLER advised me yesterday they can now host 1ST TUESDAY members,  many members of the TN Legislature and some special AFP guests ... for lunch on Wednesday, NOV 6th.
[yes, for the 1st time ever.. we are meeting on a Wednesday]

Therefore... as usual we will meet at WALLER Law.. 511 Union Street -27th floor. Doors will open at 11AM for Coffee and Social Time. Lunch from Alexander's Catering is at 11:30. Our program will start at Noon with our Q&A session ending at 1:00PM sharp. As usual, lunch is $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. Seating will be limited since we are expecting several AFP friends from around the state to join us for the first time. Secure your seat at our 1ST TUESDAY website at and then click on Shopping Cart.

IF you are interested in the political future of NASHVILLE... then don't miss this 1ST TUESDAY...[on Wednesday... Nov 6th !! ]...... AND.... expect a very special announcement !!

Secure your seat while space is still available... and prepare for a BIG day at 1ST TUESDAY.
The joint will be jumping !!

See you on Wednesday, Nov 6th !If you visit you will read the following about the Political Action Committee known as  AMERICANS for PROSPERITY and their President, Tim Phillips.

Political leanings: Conservative/Libertarian
Spending target: Reported to be $200 million, including money for allied groups
Founded by billionaire businessman and conservative/libertarian political activist David Koch, Americans for Prosperity (  [AFP] has emerged as one of the most influential conservative issue advocacy groups on the national and state political scene. A major force ( behind the Tea Party movement, AFP seeks to support free markets and entrepreneurship by advocating lower taxes and limited government spending and regulation.
The group’s president is Tim Phillips ( , a Republican campaign strategist .......

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