Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspiring story of fallen American hero shared in new book as national movie premiere nears

WASHINGTON, W.V. — Author Jer Dunlap joins with Dan Dietz and Cindy Dietz-Marsh, the parents of fallen American hero Danny Dietz, to share the remarkable story of a young man turned Navy SEAL who gave his life in protection of our country during the ill-fated Operation Red Wings in their soon-to-be-released book “Danny: The Virtues Within”—a story that will soon be featured in the upcoming film, Lone Survivor.

About the book:
Labeled an American hero by President George Bush and retired Admiral Donald C. Winter, the life of Danny Dietz demonstrates that long before the Trident was pinned to his chest, he exhibited the coveted virtues so clearly stated in the Navy SEAL ethos.  From his stories of youth, from the values instilled, Americans will be inspired to embrace a life of virtue which only a few dare to live. Americans will witness the timeless values that comprise our freedom.
“Danny:  The Virtues Within” is a contemplative book of essays focusing on the values of an American boy turned American hero.  The courage, humility, wisdom, character, steadfastness and loyalty that Navy SEAL Danny Dietz demonstrated in his final moments of life, under a hailstorm of enemy fire, took a lifetime to mold and left a legacy from which we can learn about ourselves, about our freedom.
 “From this fallen hero, we learn so much about the virtues that make great men.  And the lives of great men often force us into an examination of the life we’re living. It has been an offer of the lifetime to work with Cindy Dietz-Marsh and Dan Dietz.  In so many ways, this is the book we hoped to never write.  Yet springing forth from the sacrifice of Danny Dietz are the stories of life, of virtue.  In so many ways, working with these Gold Star parents and learning about their Navy SEAL son has changed my life – forever,” said Dunlap.
Published by Winters Publishing Group, the book will be available upon its December 1 release through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.winterspublishinggroup.com, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

A sought after speaker and business trainer, Dunlap spends his life expanding freedom, by equipping the American worker.  With a client list of company household names, Dunlap is most proud to have worked with the United States Military, serving four of the five branches with training solutions. Dunlap plans to make the transition from business trainer to speaking on the topics near and dear to his heart:  freedom, American greatness, patriotism, service and sacrifice, and the lessons we learn from the life of Navy SEAL Danny Dietz. He currently resides in his beloved state of West Virginia with his wife and two daughters.
In addition to being the parents of an American hero, Dan Dietz and Cindy Dietz-Marsh dedicate their time to causes bearing Danny's name.  These organizations continue to extoll the values and virtues upheld by their Navy SEAL son.
Jer Dunlap formerly of Nashville served as Chair,man of the Donelson-Hermitage Republican Breakfast Group in 2011.

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