Saturday, July 08, 2023

Take a break from politics and let me tell you about my garden.

by Rod Williams, July 8, 2023- This is what I got out of my garden yesterday. I have had an abundance of produce. The lettuce is about gone, but I must have had a dozen big salads out of my garden this year. I have also had a sautéed mostly vegetable meal maybe ten times, sometimes cooking this meal for my daughter and my grandson or sharing the meal with my friend Lydia, who has kind of been my gardening coach this year.  The combination of vegetables in this meal depends on what I harvest that day. 

So far, the squirrels have not beat me to the tomatoes. Since building my fence in the early spring, I have been able to keep out the ground hog and rabbits. Also, so far, my cucumbers and squash plants look healthy and have lot of blooms. 

I have had a green leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce, and some other greens, the name of which I don't recall. I have two kind of Kale, Boc Choy, zucchini, two kinds of squash, about six different varieties of tomatoes, snape peas, snow peas, okra, cucumbers, watermelon, parsley, lemongrass, cilantro and rosemary. A small garden space can produce quite a bit of food. I am eating healthy. There is something so rewarding about eating food you grew yourself. And has Guy Clark said, there ain't nothing in the world better than homegrown tomatoes. 

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