Thursday, January 20, 2022

With a newly redrawn 5th Congressional district, who may throw their hat in the ring? Beth Harwell, Andy Ogles, Kurt Winstead, and more to come.

by Rod Williams, Jan. 20th-
Beth Harwell
Andy Ogles
With the 5th Congressional district redrawn to favor Republicans, the primary for the Republican nomination may get crowded. Axios Nashville says former House Speaker Beth Harwell has confirmed she is leaning toward running. This is not a surprise.  Many expected it if the new district looked competitive for a Republican candidate. 

The Axios article also mentioned Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles;. Again, this is no surprise. Ogles is a long-time conservative activist. He served as Executive Director of the Laffer Center which advised the White House and multiple Governors on tax policy.  Prior to that, he was Exec Dir of Americans for Prosperity. People have long speculated he would be a candidate if the opportunity presented itself.

Also mentioned is Franklin attorney and retired Tennessee National Guard Brigadier General Kurt Winstead. This one was a surprise.  I do not know Winstead and had not heard speculation he may run.

Also no surprise, the article says Congressman Jim Cooper is contemplating retirement. 

Robbie Starbuck
An already announced candidate is Robbie Starbuck who has been 
Kurt Winstead
campaigning for months, who has raised over $100,000, and has made appearances at numerous gatherings of Republicans and conservatives. He has picked up some endorsements of some national figures and has appeared on Fox News as a spokesman for conservative grassroots causes. He is originally from California, is Cuban-American, and is in the music business. 

There are a couple other candidates who are so minor has not worth mentioning.  I don't think this is an exhaustive list.  I expect other names to be floated soon. 

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