Sunday, January 16, 2022

Federal agents didn’t orchestrate Jan. 6

by Rod Williams, Jan. 16, 2022 - The anniversary of the Jan. 6 mostly peaceful terrorist attack on the Capitol has brought about a lot of revisionism and conspiracy theories on the part of Trumpinistas and a lot of waving the bloody shirt on the part of Democrats and the Democrat media. My view of Jan. 6th is that it was a shameful insult to our democracy but the violence was no worst than the BLM/Antifa attacks all across America of the preceding summer. It was not a 9-11 or a Pearl Harbor. 

One of the Trumpinistas' lines of argument is that it was an attack by mostly Antifa members dressed up as Trump supporters. Give me a break! There is no evidence of that and plenty of participants have been interviewed and they were clearly frustrated Trump supporters.  Some were fanatics who planned to attack the Capitol and came prepared with zip ties and bear spray and other weapons and were intent on violence.  Most were people who just got caught up in the moment and were followers. 

Another line of Trumpinista argument is that it was federal agents who led the attack. Nuts! There is no evidence of that either. In fact that one has clearly been disproved. Trumpinistas have been spreading the story that someone named  Ray Epps, who was filmed on Jan. 5 and 6 urging rioters toward the U.S. Capitol, was a federal agent who helped to orchestrate the insurrection. There is zero evidence of this and an investigation disproves it. Read Federal agents didn’t orchestrate Jan. 6.

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