Sunday, January 16, 2022

Nutty Tennessee Dem's proudly showcase their gender fluidity ideology with every communication.

by Rod Williams, Jan. 15, 2022- Yesterday I got another fundraiser letter from the Tennesee Democratic Party.  This one is from the Executive Director.  Below his or her signature this person signs "she/her."  A couple days before, I got a letter from Hendal Remus the Chair of the Party.  He signed his letter, " he/him." 

This is just plain weird. Apparently, Democrat leaders in Tennessee who represent the Party close each letter with a closing indicating the preferred pronoun by which they prefer to be used when being referred to.  This practice or reason for doing this is not explained, so I can only guess at the reason for this weirdness. 

There was a time when Tennesee Democrats were not so weird. Can you imagine as recently as the administration of  Phil Bredesen that leadership of the Tennesee Democrat Party would have showcased their commitment to weirdness?  No wonder Tennessee Dems can only win elections in urban areas with lots of Blacks, who can be taken for granted because they always vote Democrat, and woke young people, and transplants from California. The Democrat Party has lost touch with normal people. I doubt they can build back blue when most normal people can't relate to them. 

I can't help but wonder what Senator Henry would think about this. 

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