Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Relligious Freedom for wedding vendors bill withdrawn

Homosexuals and their friends, who want to force wedding cake bakers, photographers, caterers, florist and other wedding vendors who find homosexual "marriage" morally repugnant to provide services to homosexual weddings against their will, turned out in force and effectively lobbied the State legislature and the bill which would  have allowed wedding vendors, with a deeply held religion objection, to decline to provide their services to homosexual weddings was withdrawn.

Oh well, if I was forced to bake a cake against my will you wouldn't want to eat the cake. I am sure there will be no shortage of people who either do not object to homosexual marriage or want the business and that there will not be a shortage of wedding vendors for homosexual weddings.  Why the homosexual community wanted to deny wedding vendors with a moral objection to homosexual "marriage" the right to practice their faith, I don't really understand.  I doubt this will be a big problem however.  Suppose two guys are getting married and they call a photographer to photograph the glorious event and the photographer says, "I will photograph your wedding if required to do so, but I find homosexual marriage morally repugnant and would prefer not to do so." I doubt the happy couple are going to want him as their photographer anyway. However, their have been cases where people have been sued for refusing to provide services to homosexual weddings, so I guess it does happen.  I wouldn't want to force anyone to serve me in that way who didn't want to myself, but I guess forcing others to accept your lifestyle as normal is part of the agenda.

Feb. 19, 2014, The Tennessean - A Tennessee lawmaker dropped a bill that would have let wedding vendors turn away same-sex couples after activists in Nashville and beyond waged an intense, weeklong campaign against the measure.

State Sen. Mike Bell announced at a hearing late Tuesday that he would delay consideration of Senate Bill 2566 until at least next year, saying that there was no need for the measure immediately. The bill would have let cake makers, photographers and other vendors refuse to work on same-sex ceremonies, even if courts strike down the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Several dozen gay rights activists turned out — many in red — to show their opposition to the bill, the culmination of a short yet heated effort to stop the legislation. Bell referenced that effort, saying he had heard from Tennessseans “from Johnson City to Memphis,” for and against the measure, since taking over sponsorship of the bill just five days ago.(link)

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  1. So much for freedom of religion...and its free exercise. ;-(