Saturday, January 28, 2012

Metro Livery cited for refusal to engage in price-fixing!!!

Last night, Metro Livery received a citation of $104 by Metropolitan Transportation Inspector Milton Bowling for charging $25 for a less than 10 minutes ride instead of charging the mandated $45 minimum rate. This citation was issued one week after Federal Judge Kevin Sharp ruled against Metro, denying Metro's motion to dismiss the challenge to the $45 price-fix minimum.

Metro Livery and other service providers should not abide by what is most likely an unconstitutional law. I am not sure what will happen next but Metro Livery should appeal this fine and refuse to pay it.  They should seek an injection against enforcement of the price-fix law if that is an option.

To Metro Livery and others who are resisting this illegal effort to fix prices, Please don't buckle. Fight on! This is not just about your livelihood. This is a battle for the constitution, for free enterprise, and limited government.

To read more on how Metro has used the power of government to protect established firms from competition, click here then scroll down.

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