Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mark Rogers, Kicked out of Republican Circles.

I don't know the exact context of the news report to which Mark Rogers left a comment or the exact language of the comment Mark Rogers made that ticked off the female half of the Glen Hughes/Sharon Ford team know as the Tennessee Republican Assembly, but Republican political activist Mark Rogers is deemed kicked out of Republican circles by Sharon Ford. Below is a Sharon Ford Facebook post.

 Herbert Mark Rogers has cleaned up his post. It now reads "The TN Firearms Association has issued a threat to Speaker Harwell if there is no expansion of 'gun rights.' I applaud the Speaker for her performance so far and encourage her to stand up to these political terrorists. " He had another paragraph ripping not only 2nd amendment folks but also called TN Right To Life terrorists. For this he needs to be held accountable. He should no longer be welcome in Republican circles.
Mark Rogers
Glen also wanted everyone to be aware of this dastardly character known as Mark Rogers and told his followers,"You may not know his name but you have been in the same room with him on numerous occasions." I am going to give Glen a helping hand. If you look to the left you will see the no-longer-welcome-in-Republican-cirles Mark Rogers. So, followers of Glen Huges and Sharon Ford, this is the guy you are to shun if in the same room with.

Mark, welcome to the club of people not liked by the Huges/Ford wing feather of the Republican party. In a blog post I recently made a harmless snide comment that Ron Paul was going to win the TRA straw poll and maybe TRA should change it's name to "the libertarian wing of the republican Party" from "the conservative wing of the Republican Party." For daring to make such a comment I got purged from good standing as a Republican and got the dreaded label "RINO." Here is the Facebook post:

Once again our friend the irrelevant Rod Williams has chosen to stick his GOP establishment foot in his RINO mouth, by commenting on the post below. Mr. Williams stated “After the convention, maybe TRA needs to change its slogan to, "the libertarian wing of the Republican Party." The Straw Poll is controlled by those who buy tickets and is not an official endorsement of the Tennessee Republican A...ssembly. His implication is both uncalled for and unprofessional even for a two bit blogger. Paid members of the TRA will endorse during the business meeting of the convention. I encourage Mr. Williams if he has issues with the TRA and/or its straw poll to get off his wallet and doing something about it,
Mark, you and I are both in pretty good company. If you read Facebook post of Glen Hughes Sharon Ford and their followers, they don't like Bob Corker, Dianne Black, Beth Harwell or Ron Ramsey either.
I have been rethinking my comment that TRA should change its label from "the conservative wing of the Republican Party" to "the libertarian wing of the Republican Party" and think a more fitting slogan is "the stupid wing of the Republican Party."

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  1. Hey Rod, what is the TNRA's Facebook page? I looked them up and it appears they are in an "about to be archived status" with the last post on their wall sometime in February of 2011, I think. Evidently I'm looking at the wrong page.

    Gene Wisdom

  2. TRA's website is
    The facebook page is