Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. Steve Perry, MLK Commemorative Convocation Speaker is in Reruns,

If you missed it, you can watch it on Channel 3. 

On January 16th, Dr. Steve Perry was the convocation speaker at the Martin Luther King commemorative convocation at Tennessee State University. He made a great speech. He was entertaining, inspirational, and controversial.

I don't know Dr. Perry's political identification and don't know if he even considers himself a conservative, but his message was a message that conservatives could applaud. Speaking to an audience of mostly African-Americans, I am sure his message is one that many in the audience found challenging to accept and a message they seldom hear. As a white guy, I felt somewhat embarrassed. I am glad I was there and immensely enjoyed his speech, but I felt somewhat like an outsider watching another family's family argument.

Points he made and gems from his speech were these:

  • Nashville has terrible schools.
  • The day they put a metal detector in the school, it is no longer a school.
  • School choice is essential.
  • Schools are often places where the grown people work rather than places were children learn.
  • A bad teacher is more dangerous is  than a drug dealer.
  • The reason we like the status quo is because it benefits the adults.
  • The new racism is telling you that the reason we have under performing schools is because we have a large number of Black children in the school.
  • Don't think because a Black person is running a school, it is a better school.
  • I do not believe a child in Nashville is any less bright than a child anywhere else in America.
  • Why should you have to go to a terrible school just because it is close to your house. You wouldn't  have to go to a terrible hospital because it is close to your house. 
  • Martin Luther King did not fight for you to go to a Black school, he fought for you to go to a good school.
Dr. Perry's speech is being replayed on Metro's Channel 3. If you were not there to see it in person, watch it. It is a speech that everyone who is concerned about education needs to hear. It will be replayed several more times on Channel 3. The next showings will be tonight, Jan.25th 10PM and Jan. 26th, 5AM, and 10Am. For other listings visit the Metro 3 Playback  schedule.

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  1. Who is Steve Perry? No actual bio exists. He is the head of his own Corp. that makes him President of his school. His wife? is the head of the
    fundraising campaign. He's rarely at his school, always on the circuit telling lies about what great things he's done. no advanced placement classes no honors classes. hand picked students. doesn't care for Black people or teachers. No one knows where he came from??? I saw him tell Paul Robeson's son that his father knew nothing about Black struggle or his race. He has a problem with dark skinned people. I thought a school was run by a Principal not a President???