Sunday, April 21, 2024

Things I am not worrying about today: The government remotely turning off my electric cook stove.

 by Rod Williams, April 21, 2024- Almost every day I see Facebook post or news stories on rightwing media espousing conspiracy theories or telling me things I should be worried about. This is the second one today. This is way down on my list of things I am worried about. This ranks down there with shady sidewalks and smart meters on my list of concerns.

Recently the government floated a trial balloon about banning gas stoves. I oppose a ban because I believe in consumer choice. I have a gas stove and have had electric stoves and I much prefer gas. It is hot instantly and I can better control the heat. I just prefer it.  However, I am not fearful of the government remotely turning off my electricity. This makes no sense. Both the gas company and the electric company are public utilities. If the government could remotely cut off my electricity, it could remotely cut off my natural gas. 

People who have this fear need to go completely off-grid and become full-fledged preppers. 

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  1. What DOES greatly concern me is that some of these liberal do-gooder kooks will try to limit, ban, or regulate to the point of becoming uneconomical, gas stoves.