Monday, April 22, 2024

Foreign Aid is only about 1% to 2% of Total Federal Government Spending.


by Rod Williams, April 22, 2024- I am pleased that the House has finally, after a six-month delay, approved aid for Ukraine. I just hope that it is not too late. The vote was 311 in favor of aid and 112 opposed. Of those 112 opposed all were Republicans. Of the Republicans casting votes on the aid, 98 voted in favor and 112 against. (1)

I am beyond disgruntled and am downright disgusted that the Republican Party has become the party of Putin appeasement. I, for the most part, stopped giving money to Republicans in 2021 because I did not want to help elect to public office those who oppose the peaceful transfer of power and continue the big lie, that the 2020 election was stolen. Now, I have another reason not to support Republicans. I do not want to help elect to Congress people who are enablers of Putin's aggression. 

All of my life it was Democrats who did not want to assist nations resisting aggression. It was Democrats who were for stopping funding for wars, pulling the rug out from under our allies, and skimping on funding the military.  Often foreign policy has been bipartisan and there have some notable Democrat defense hawks, but when there has been an "anti-war," peace faction, it has been among Democrats. 

One of the arguments that those opposed to helping our allies will use, is that we just can't afford it. People will say things like we should take care of people at home before sending money overseas. They will say we should help our veterans before helping starving people in Africa or before helping Ukraine resist aggression. We spend a lot of money on foreign aid, for sure. For that aid we stop aggressors from achieving their aims, help people remain free, we gain influence and goodwill around the world, and we provide relief for starving and war-ravaged people in need.  In my view, it is money well spent. Sure, one can quibble about this or that particular expenditure, but in general foreign aid is the right thing to do and is money well spent. 

I suspect some people think foreign aid is a major slice of the budget. It is not. It is usually about 1% of the federal budget and is currently less than 2%. For more on where our foreign aid goes and what it pays for visit this link

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