Monday, April 22, 2024

Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales Blast Fellow Republicans: "I serve with some real scumbags”

Rep. Tony Gonzales

“It's my absolute honor to be in Congress but I serve with some real scumbags. Look, Matt Gaetz — he paid minors to have sex with him at drug parties. Bob Good endorsed my opponent, a known neo-Nazi. These people used to walk around with white hoods at night. Now they're walking around with white hoods in the daytime.” - Rep. Tony Gonzales (link)

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  1. Just looked to see if he is worth my meager political contribution but his ACU rating is 66%. Hard to be enthused.

  2. I have not done a deep dive into the factors that go into an ACU score. I used to trust the ACU but since they have gone full-fledged Trumpinista, I do not automatically assume their values and my values are the same. For example, does a Ukraine aid vote now raise or lower your ACU score? I don't know. Did voting to oust McCarthy raise or lower one's score. Did a vote to not impeach Trump raise one's score?

  3. The Matt Gaetz guy denies the allegation. i can only find one allegation of him having sex with a 17 year old. Not sure about “drug parties”, either. I would not support someone who called his colleagues “scum bags.” This trash talk is unprofessional, and unsubstantiated accusations and slander are very offensive to me. He could simply take a stand against drug parties and sex with minors and neo-nazis, etc. Now, if Gaetz was tried and convicted or made an admission, that would be different. An allegation is not proof.