Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Only two of Tennessee's Eight Republicans voted for aid to Ukraine. I am very disappointed in Congressman Mark Green.


by Rod Williams, April 23, 2024- On Saturday, the House passed aid to Ukraine after a six-month delay. It may be too late to save Ukraine; I hope not. 

The bill passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support. However, more Republican voted against the aid package than voted for it. Every single Democrat who voted, voted for it. 

 Of Tennessee's nine representatives, only three voted for the aid packet. One was Democrat Steve Cohen and the other two were Republicans Chuck Fleischmann and David Kustoff. 

Rep. Mark Green
voted against aid to
I am not surprised about Andy Ogles and Tim Burchett. I did not expect better. The others I did not know had become such ...? Such what? Isolationist? America Firsters? Peaceniks? Trumpinistas? Doves? Appeasers? I don't know a neutral term to describe them. In the not-too-distant past I would have thought of one who cast a vote against aid to a Democracy resisting aggression from a totalitarian neighbor as a liberal or a leftist. Now, most of the press, and I think most people, consider those who vote this way as "ultra conservatives," or "hard right." 

To say the least, I am disappointed. I am most disappointed in Mark Green. I have always liked Mark. I have contributed to his campaign, attended his campaign functions and his annual fish frys, have heard him talk at functions such as First Tuesday, and I subscribe to his newsletter. I thought I knew him. I viewed him as a level-headed, smart, solidly conservative, defense hawk. I was proud to have him as my congressman. I sort of feel betrayed. It almost makes me miss Jim Cooper. 

This vote further alienates me from the Republican Party and what passes for contemporary conservatism these days. I had already discontinued by financial support for Republican Party organizations. If Tennessee had party registration, this would be the vote that would cause me to change my registration from Republican to Independent. I am out of step with the modern Trump-era Republican Party. I don't feel at home in the Republican Party. I feel orphaned. My tribe moved off and left me. 

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