Saturday, February 10, 2024

“You cannot be both for Donald Trump and for the Constitution.”

Liz Cheney
by Vivian Jones, The Tennessean, Feb. 7, 2024- Former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney called on Tennessee Republicans to reject former President Donald Trump as they head to the polls this year, denouncing his flouting of the U.S. Constitution as antithetical to the sustenance of the American republic.

“There’s a really clear choice,” Cheney said. “You cannot be both for Donald Trump and for the Constitution.”  ..... 

On Tuesday, she spoke in conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning historian Jon Meacham as a guest of The Rogers Center and the Vanderbilt Project on Unity and American Democracy. ... Cheney roundly criticized the Republican frontrunner as anti-Constitutional and unconservative, ... 

“The president is not above the law. The president cannot deploy the military to seize voting machines and rerun the election in swing states as Mike Flynn suggested Donald Trump do,” Cheney said. “If a president refuses to abide by and enforce the rulings of our courts, that immediately unravels the system – immediately – and we know Donald Trump will do that.” 

... “I think every Republican donor who’s giving him money needs to be held accountable for the fact that they’re giving money to someone who has said publicly he thinks we can terminate the Constitution,” Cheney said. “He did attempt to overturn an election. He’s been found liable for sexual assault and now has to pay $83.3 million for that. This is a really depraved individual.”

... Cheney urged fellow Republicans to move beyond obsessive loyalty to Trump, and work to build the future of the Republican Party on a foundation of truly conservative principles: a strong national defense, low taxes, limited government, and genuine fidelity to the U.S. Constitution – something she describes as “the most conservative of all conservative values.” 

“Many of the policies that Trump is today advocating are not conservative, and not Republican,” she said, questioning how “the party of Reagan” came to be “leading the charge to lose the war in Ukraine.” (read more)

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