Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Trump allies want Scott Presler to head the RNC — there’s just one problem, ...

.... His sexual indiscretions as a GOP organizer in Virginia could prove a stumbling block 

by Rod Williams, Jan. 30, 2024 - There is a lot I do not like about Donald Trump and the Republican Party of the Trump era. One thing is that Republicans, or at least Trump Republicans, which is most Republicans, is that they have developed a tolerance, if not an affinity, for immoral, unethical, and morally challenged people and con artist, and carnival barkers. Republicans used to be the party that stood for certain standards of moral behavior or at least propriety, and appearances, and good manners.  

There was a time when I thought Republicans might have been too moralistic. There was a time when a Republican could not win a Republican nomination because they were divorced. That time has long passed. Times change and people in general are less moralistic, less judgmental, and more tolerant. Much of that is good. 

What galls is the hypocrisy. The leader of the Florida Republican Party and his wife, a co-founder of Mom's for Liberty, are proven to be swingers and Republicans are not outraged. Trump is a womanizer and a rapist, and good evangelical Republicans do not care.  The Trumpinista candidate for mayor of Franklin had been arrested for promoting prostitution and her husband had marched in a gay Pride parade wearing flag motif Speedos, yet Trumpinista evangelicals didn't disavow the candidate.  Across the country people of immoral character and charlatans and con artist run for office as Republicans and good Christian Republicans don't mind. 

Donald Trump is pushing to oust Ronna McDaniel as chair of the Republican Party and replace her with Scott Presler.  Presler was a co-founder of Gays for Trump during the 2016 election.  I don't think that he is gay should disqualify him. I am pretty tolerant of one's sexual behavior or orientation. If we agree on issues, I don't much care what you do in the bedroom. What does make me cringe is that some of the same moralistic people engaged in culture wars would support him. The hypocrisy bothers me. 

I don't much care what Presler does in his bedroom. But, he didn't keep it in the bedroom. As reported in The Spectator, quoting a report in Politico, Presler, “engaged in sexual activity inside a Virginia Beach office the RNC shared with the state party — and posted explicit pictures of the encounter on Craigslist.”

He did that and still yet, the element of the Party that is most focused on who uses which bathroom wants him to be Chair of the RNC.  It boggles the mind. I don't get it. 

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