Friday, February 09, 2024

Perverts and Hypocrites for Donald Trump

 by Rod Williams, Feb. 9, 2024- I am surprised and dismayed and sometimes disgusted by the type of people who have become Trumpinista candidates, high-profile political activists, and pundits. 

First of all, I am continuously amazed that it is Republicans who are the party of American weakness abroad and pandering to tyrants. I am also surprised to see Republicans more concerned with lambasting Bud Light beer rather and addressing the coming insolvency of Social Security. Durning my lifetime, it was the Republican Party that was the party of sober reflection and rational policy proposals. The Republicans were the adults in the room. Not so much anymore. 

Beyond policy however, there is something else that has shocked me about the change in the Republican Party, or at least the Trump wing of the party, and for all practical purposes the party only has one wing. Ever since Trump came on the political scene, we have seen an explosion of Republican nut-jobs, con-artists, and carnival-barkers, charlatans, and moral degenerates. What is it that makes these kinds of people the face of the Republican Party? I guess when the head of the Party is found civilly liable for rape, has had numerous bankruptcies, has engaged in shady business practices, and faces 91 criminal charges, then that kind of sends the green light that kindred spirits are welcome as Republican leaders.   

Not all of this new breed of Republican candidates and leaders are bad people. Some are just light-weight showmen. Dr. Oz comes to mind. Others inflate their resume and give one reason to question their honesty, like our own Andy Ogles. There seems to be a lot of these.  And then, there are those who are the moral hypocrites and deviants. 

Take the case of Gabrielle Hanson who ran as God's ordained candidate in the race for mayor of Franklin, yet had a record of facilitating prostitution, had affiliation with known Nazis, whose husband had marched in a gay Pride parade wearing nothing but American flag motif Speedos, and had several other things that would cause one to question her sincerity and morality. 

And then there is the case of Scott Presler. Donald Trump is pushing to oust Ronna McDaniel as chair of the Republican Party and replace her with Presler.  Presler was a co-founder of Gays for Trump during the 2016 election.  I don't think that he is gay should disqualify him. In fact, Republicans should be more welcoming to gays. It we agree on economic and foreign policy, then we are on the same side, regardless of what you do in the bedroom.  However, Presler didn't keep his sex in the bedroom and engaged in sexual activity inside a Virginia Beach office the RNC shared with the state party, and posted explicit pictures of the encounter on Craigslist.

And then there is the case of Bridget Ziegler. She is the co-founder of Mom's for Liberty the organization that tries to ban age-inappropriate books from school libraries, fights the teaching of Critical Race Theory and otherwise pushes back against the liberal dominance of public schools. She is a school board member of the Sarasota School District and is half of a Florida Republican power couple. Her husband, until recently, was Chair of the Florida Republican Party.  They also have other positions of responsibility in government and the conservative movement. It turns out that they are swingers and engaged in a threesome with a woman who ended up accusing Christain Ziegler of rape. The above video explains of lot of this saga.  

One can oppose teaching kindergarteners about homosexuality and oppose indoctrination derived from Critical Race Theory and still be a swinger, I guess. Still, for head an organization that is rallying the most religious among us to be led by a swinger, strikes me as hypocrisy. 

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