Friday, June 30, 2023

Meet Mayoral candidate Sharon Hurt

by Rod Williams, June 30, 2023- The Tennessean is doing a feature article on each of the candidates for mayor, including a video of an interview with each. Above is the Tennessean interview with Sharon Hurt. Thankfully, The Tennessean has made the videoed interview with the candidates sharable, so I am able to post it here. If one has a subscription to the Tennessean, you can read the article at this link

My main takeaways from the article and the video: Sharon Hurt is a Council Member at-large. Prior, for 23 years, she served as President/CEO of J.U.M.P.  She says, "My No. 1 goal is building a Nashville that works for everyone." She says we need, "to invest in our public schools, develop mass transit, and make sure government services are available in all the languages of all the communities in Nashville." She advocates for more affordable housing, saying "We can work with developers in Nashville, subsidize low-income housing, and rezone Nashville to be denser." I am pleased to see someone say we need more denser housing. That is reality. Unfortunately, we are moving in the wrong direction and have zoned large swathes of the city "single family only."  One cannot have more affordable housing and less urban sprawl and low-density housing. Other than that dose of reality, I am not particularly impressed.

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