Thursday, June 29, 2023

Meet 2023 Nashville Mayoral Candidate Jim Gingrich

by Rod Williams, June 29, 2023- The Tennessean is doing a feature article on each of the candidates for mayor, including a video of an interview with each. Above is the Tennessean interview with Jim Gingrich. Thankfully, The Tennessean has made the videoed interview with the candidates sharable, so I am able to post it here. 

If one has a subscription to the Tennessean, you can read the article on Jim Gingrich at this link. Most of what is in the article is also in the video. 

My main takeaways from the article and the video: Jim Gingrich is the former COO of AllianceBernstein and a fairly recent resident of Nashville, moving here with AlianceBernstein. His primary pitch seems to be that people have seen massive growth in Nashville and many Nashvillians feel that growth threatens the "soul" of the city and he will focus on neighborhood concerns. He says, "It is possible to have growth while preserving the heart of Nashville." His main issues he says are "presenting a vision and concrete plan to build more affordable housing immediately, reduce crime, improve education, ease traffic, increase city services, and invest in our communities."  If elected mayor, he may do an adequate job, but I wanted to hear more than the same list of concerns. He is short on specifics, and he is almost interchangeable with other candidates. 

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