Friday, June 30, 2023

Meet 2023 Nashville Mayoral Candidate Heidi Campbell

by Rod Williams, June 30, 2023- The Tennessean is doing a feature article on each of the candidates for mayor, including a video of an interview with each. Above is the Tennessean interview with Heid Campbell. Thankfully, The Tennessean has made the videoed interview with the candidates sharable, so I am able to post it here. 

If one has a subscription to the Tennessean, you can read the article on Heidi Campbell at this link. Most of what is in the article is also in the video. 

My main takeaways from the article and the video: She has a relevant resume having served as mayor of Oak Hill, serving as a State senator, and having ran for Congress last year as a Democrat seeking the 5th Congressional District seat.  She views the conflict between Nashville and the State as a "hostile takeover." With that kind of rhetoric, I don't think she would be capable of improving relations between the City and the State. 

She says, "Nashville is at the epicenter of a struggle that will profoundly impact the trajectory of our future, and I would characterize this struggle as a battle between greed and good. Greed is a powerful thing – it’s driven more than a decade of decisions that have led to Nashville’s affordability crisis. Greed has catalyzed the hostility between our city and our state," Framing issues as a battle between good and greed seems awfully simplistic. 

She advocates improved mass transit, better schools and wrap around service for the schools, and, of course, like almost everyone running, affordable housing. She also, like some other candidates says she will "prioritizing the people who live here," over developers. 

I come away with a negative impression. If we must have a liberal mayor, I would prefer one of the others. 

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