Friday, June 30, 2023

Meet 2023 Nashville Mayoral Candidate Freddie O’Connell

by Rod Williams, June 30, 2023- The Tennessean is doing a feature article on each of the candidates for mayor, including a video of an interview with each. Above is the Tennessean interview with Freddie O’Connell. Thankfully, The Tennessean has made the videoed interview with the candidates sharable, so I am able to post it here. 

If one has a subscription to the Tennessean, you can read the article on Freddie O’Connell at this link. Most of what is in the article is also in the video. 

My main takeaways from the article and the video: Being the Council Member for the downtown area he has a high profile and has had to more intently deal with some major issues facing the city than some other council members may have had to do.  Like other candidates he says we have our priorities wrong. He says, "we have prioritized tourism at the expense of residents." He is a strong advocate of mass transit and affordable housing. He is thoughtful and well informed, has a sharp mind and is likeable. He relays his role in bringing about criminal justice reform and I must say that I applaud the reforms he was instrumental in bringing them about. Metro should not make money off of poor people awaiting trial, arrested for nonviolent crime. I fear that O'Connell will raise taxes and promote a woke social justice reform agenda.  I do not share his values but respect his intellect and drive. 

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