Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The new face of the Tennessee Democrat Party. Congratulation Ms Mancini!

Mary Mancini
In case you missed it, Tennessee Democrats chose progressive activist Mary Mancini as the Party's chair.  Congratulation Ms Mancini! I am please to see you win the post.

It was not that many years ago Tennessee was a majority Democrat state with a Democrat governor and majority Democrat legislature. People have not been voting Republican for such a long that it is habit.  If the public becomes dissatisfied with Republican rule, many voters would not find it difficult to again vote Democrat. However, Democrats in Tennessee tend to be more moderate than the national party.  With an out-of-state progressive activist at the helm of the Party, I do not think those people who were traditional Democrats but have become Republican will be comfortable realigning with the Democrat Party.

While Mary Mancini may play well with new arrivals from more liberal locations and those who want the Democrat Party to stand firm for progressive values and purge itself of moderates, that segment cannot make the Democratic Party a majority party. Having Mary Mancini as the face of the Democrat Party will help Republicans. Since there are no statewide Democrat elected officials that people can look to as representing Tennessee Democrats, Ms Mancini will have a higher profile than would otherwise be the case. As a Republican, I am please that Mary Mancini will be the voice and face of the Tennessee Democrat Party.

To read more about Ms Mancini's assentation to position of top Democrat in the State, follow this link.

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