Thursday, January 15, 2015


There will be a Stop Obamacare in Tennessee rally, Monday Jan. 26th, in Hendersonville, Hosted by Americans for Prosperity - Tennessee. For more information, follow this link

URGENT --- The TN legislature is about to VOTE YES or NO on Obamacare in TN. Join us, and STOP Obamacare in TN.
Insure Tennessee is an expansion of Medicaid and Obamacare in Tennessee. It's time to stand up and make it clear that Tennessee doesn't want further intrusion by the Federal government into our medical care. 
Meet the AFP team over food and drinks, and do your part STOP Obamacare in TN.

Comment: I am posting this announcement as a public service. Posting of an announcement of something I think may interest readers of this blog does not constitute an endorsement. While I usually agree with my friends at Americans for Prosperity and my friends at the Beacon Center who also are opposed to the Insure Tennessee plan, I am still undecided. I think the Haslam plan has merit and is certainly preferable to regular Medicare expansion. If charity clinics are going to close under Obamacare and rural hospitals will close due to loss of funds for uncompensated care, then I think the Insure Tennessee should be approved. If not, then I do not think it should be approved. I am not ready to join a rally to stop Insure Tennessee, but am withholding judgment and when I find time, I will become better informed. I hope our elected representatives hold serious and in-depth hearing and soberly deliberate before reaching a decision.

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