Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rand Paul on Immigration: 'The 11 Million Are Never Going Home'.

HERSHEY, Penn. — In New Hampshire yesterday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul told a group of supportive Republican legislators that the country needed some immigration fixes. A few hours later, I asked whether, if elected president, Paul would move to overturn the Obama-era executive orders that have essentially legalized millions of immigrants.

"I’ve always been of the opinion that we should do things the proper way," Paul said. "I am in favor of doing immigration reform, but it should be done in the proper fashion." He cited the the need to tighten border security before attempting anything else, but added that "the 11 million, I think, are never going home, don’t need to be sent home, and I would incorporate them into our society by giving them work visas and making them taxpayers." (link)

Comment:  It is good to hear someone speak the truth. Rounding up and deporting ll million people is simply never going to happen. I agree they should not have came here illegally but they are here and we are not going to send them back. It would be a an almost impossible task and a human rights nightmare. It would be viewed as ethnic cleansing. We would have to build large concentration camps to hold them while awaiting deportation.  The reintroduction of 11 million Americanized immigrants back to their country of origin might destabilize the country to which they return. Mexico has sufficient problems already. Do we want a disestablished Mexico on our southern boarder?  Do we want to break up families? To forcibly deport 11 million people would be pure evil.

I adamantly oppose President Obama's executive action on immigration, but more so because it was an unconstitutional action rather than the actual merits of the action the President took. To those who rail against amnesty, what we have now is de facto amnesty. Doing nothing is as much "amnesty" as passing a law that recognizes they are here and registers them and allows them to work legally and pay taxes instead of being here and working illegally and not paying taxes.

What I think we should do is: (1) Secure the border- build a big fence and militarize the border.  We can never make it absolutely leak proof but we could cut the illegal flow to a trickle. I do not believe it cannot be done. (2) Fix our messed up immigration policy that does not involve illegal border crossings. People come to America for an education and want to stay and we send them back from where they came. Highly educated, motivated foreigners are an asset. Liberalize immigration policy for those who want to stay in America and are desirable. We could benefit from some other country's brain drain. (3) Fix the visa system. Many illegals came as tourist and never left. UPS almost never loses a package, credit cards work, other complicated things work.  Surely we can track visitors who come to this country and kick them out if they overstay their visa. (4) Pass the immigration bill that has already passed the Senate which requires illegals to pay a penalty and register.

Immigration reform does not have to be comprehensive. We can do it piecemeal. We can now fix the visa problem and immigration policy.  After we are convinced the border is secure, then we can deal with the 11 million who are already here.  In the meantime what we now have is as much "amnesty" as is President Obama's deferred deportation. Those who think we are going to deport 11 million people are living in a dream world.

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