Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stop the Metro tax hike

Ralph Bristol
March 26, 2012

You haven’t yet seen the headline in the Tennessean that announces “Dean asks for property tax hike,” but by the time you do, it will likely be too late.  You need to act now if you want to help stop Mayor Karl Dean’s stealth tax increase.

What Mayor Dean appears to have done [I think they teach this in public administration 101] is borrow and spend a billion dollars on a new convention center and other legacy projects, while simultaneously squeezing infrastructure budgets to the point where residents are starting to complain about the neglect – particularly in streets. He then makes the case that the only way to pay other essential bills AND fix the streets is to increase taxes. He creates a visible, aggravating, need for more spending on county infrastructure.

Step two – Dean goes to council members one by one, metaphorically sits them on his lap and asks them what projects he can buy for their districts – if they vote for his tax increase. read more

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