Saturday, March 31, 2012

Police Department Budget Hearing: Police wants $8.2 million of new money.

Watch the video
Police Department Hearing summary
Chief Anderson represents the Department.

This is one of the longest of the budget hearings, running 44 minutes, however the first 10 minutes is a budget overview and introduction from Mayor Dean. Homicides are down, the lowest in 45 years. The Federal "Cops" grant which added 50 officers to the force expires this year and local funded will have to be provided to keep those officers on the force. That is a commitment we have made and a commitment we plan to keep, says the Mayor. We have expanded the number of police precincts and when the 12th Ave South prescient opens, we will be up to 8 precincts. Additional funding will be needed to fund the new DNA crime lab. A 2% decrease in funding would result in reducing the number of police by 57. "From my position," says the Mayor, "there is no going back."  Anderson says he is asking for $1.3 million to hire 20 crime lab scientist. The potential exist for our crime lab to work over 1000 DNA cases a year. Bottom line? The Police Department wants an additional $8.2 million.

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