Tuesday, March 27, 2012

President Obama assumes dictatorial powers.

President Obama has in essence given himself dictatorial powers and it is largely going unnoticed. He has signed an executive order giving himself the power to declare martial law.  The fact that he has not yet exercised the power he has given himself should not reassure anyone. The power grab has occurred; he is just not yet using that power. This order is an assault on individual liberty, private property, and the constitution. Congress should demand that this Executive Order be withdrawn at once!

If you missed this, don't feel to bad.  The mainstream press had not made this headline news and has only barely reported it, but it is real. Conservative news outlets and bloggers have reported it and except for The Huffington Post and a few others, the liberal media has been relatively quite. One wonders how the press would have reported this had President Bush signed the same executive order. Below are several reports on this issue:

Martial Law by Executive Order
by Jim Garrison, The Huffington Post, 03/21/2012

President Obama's National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16 does to the country as a whole what the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act did to the Constitution in particular -- completely eviscerates any due process or judicial oversight for any action by the Government deemed in the interest of "national security." Like the NDAA, the new Executive Order puts the government completely above the law, which, in a democracy, is never supposed to happen. The United States is essentially now under martial law without the exigencies of a national emergency. read more

Obama’s power grab
By Jeffrey T. Kuhner, The Washington Times, Thursday, March 22, 2012

President Obama has given himself the powers to declare martial law - especially in the event of a war with Iran. It is a sweeping power grab that should worry every American. On March 16, the White House released an executive order, “National Defense Resources Preparedness.” The document is stunning in its audacity and a flagrant violation of the Constitution. It states that, in case of a war or national emergency, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction - all of it could fall under the full control of Mr. Obama. The order empowers the president to dispense these vast resources as he sees fit during a national crisis. read more

To read the actual executive order, follow this link: Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness

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