Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Now for South Carolina Primary? Is it Down to Romney vs. Gingich?

Newt surges, Huntsman is out, Perry calls it quits, Newt wanted an Open Marriage. Is it over? Does Romney win?
Is the race down to Romney vs. Gingrich? Will the allegations of Gingrich's ex-wife hurt Newt with the family values voters and will it boost Santorum? Will Perry's endorsement of Newt help him.? What about Ron Paul?

As one who has had a vengeful ex-wife lie and try to destroy you, I am taking the allegations against Newt with a grain of salt. And, even if there is some truth to the charges, I do not think being an adulterer necessarily disqualifies you from being president, nor does asking your spouse to indulge your infidelity disqualify you. I am still in the Newt camp.

If only people who never committed adultery were elected president we would not have had Thomas Jefferson, FDR, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, or Bill Clinton. And, those are only the ones we know about. I do not think these allegations of Newts long-ago infidelity and the relationship with his former wife hurt him in the general election.  Getting a blow job in the oval office and then lying about it did not hurt Bill Clinton.  American is much less prudish and judgmental (or moral, if your prefer) than in years past.  However, I am not sure how these allegation will play with Republican primary voters in South Carolina.  What do you think?

Please vote your preference in the poll to the left and tell me your evaluation of the race today and why you support your candidate of choice.

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