Sunday, January 15, 2012

Please attend the Council Meeting! Put an end to Limo Price Fixing.

Please join me at the Council Meeting Tuesday, January 17th, 2011 at 6:30PM.

BL 2011-49 will be on second reading again after being deferred last month. This is make it or break it for this bill!

This bill will undo the limo price fixing bill that was passed by the Council in June 2010. Unless BL2011-49 passes the competitors to the well-connected, established limo companies will have lost and have to cease operation. There is a lot information on this bill on this blog, just click here scroll down and read.

I believe there are enough good Council members who will do the right thing that SB 2011-49 can be passed. However, too many Council members have to be encouraged to do the right thing. Please call your councilman today and ask them to support this bill. You may also email them.

For your councilman's email address and phone number, follow this link: click on "Council Member Roster."  If you do not know who your council member is, then when on the page of the above link, look to the right and see "Quick Links"and under that, see "Where do I vote."  When you get to that page, enter your address and on the page listing your voting place it will list your Council district number. Then, go back to the council roster and find your councilman.

Council members also are more inclined to do the right thing if they have an audience who cares about the issue.  That is why we need butts in the seats.  You will be given a distinctive badge to identify that you are there for this particular issue.

If you attend, please follow proper decorum. No applauding or verbal outburst and no signs in the Council Chamber.  Please help by spreading the word. Please use your facebook and other social media to spread the word

On Council meeting night, there is free parking. Arrive early as you must go through security to enter the chamber.

This is one of those relatively rare issues that pit advocates of free markets and limited government against those who advocate more government control and see government's roll as protecting the special interest against competition. Please help get this bill passed!

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