Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Tennessean predictably chooses the wrong candidates: Mayor's rubber stamps and liberals.

The Tennessean today announced endorsement in the upcoming election. They endorsed almost all of the wrong candidates. Think of this as a list of for whom not to vote. Most of their choice are liberals and rubber stamps for the Mayor. They played it safe and endorsed for reelection all of the at-large incumbents including the two moderate at-large members.

The Tennessean also recommended voting against the fairgrounds.

The few candidates highlighted in red are the very few they got right and several of those are running unopposed.

If I didn't have the newspaper habit, I would cancel my subscription.  I wish we still had two newspapers.

At Large
Megan Barry

Tim Garrett
Jerry Maynard
Ronnie Steine
Charlie Tygard

District 1: Lonnell Matthews Jr.
District 2: DeCosta Hastings
District 3: Walter Hunt (unopposed)
District 4: Brady Banks
District 5: Priscilla Eaton
District 6: Hans Schmidt
District 7: Anthony Davis
District 8: Nancy VanReece (This is the opponent of Karen Bennett. Reelect Karen Bennett)
District 9: Bill Pridemore Jr.
District 10: Doug Pardue
District 11: Darren Jernigan
District 12: Steve Glover (running unopposed)
District 13: Marilyn Robinson (elect Josh Stites)
District 14: James Bruce Stanley
District 15: No endorsement. (Incumbent Phil Claiborne runs unopposed.)
District 16: Anna Page
District 17: Sandra Moore (she is the lesser of some bad choices)
District 18: David Glasgow
District 19: Erica Gilmore
District 20: Buddy Baker (He cosponsored the gay rights bill)
District 21: Edith Taylor Langster
District 22: Seanna Brandmeir
District 23: Emily Evans (unopposed)
District 24: Sarah Lodge Tally (She is the daughter of the former chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party. The Dean forces are funneling massive amounts of money to her campaign to defeat Jason Holleman.)
District 25: Sean McGuire (James Kaminski is the guy who should win. He may take it.)
District 26: Chris Harmon
District 27: Davette Dennison Blalock
District 28: Tanaka Vercher (Duane Dominy is the incumbent running for reelection. He deserves to be reelected. He is a Republican and is a leader of the save the fairgrounds effort)
District 29: Arnett H. Bodenhamer
District 30: No endorsement.
District 31: Fabian Bedne
District 32: Jacobia C. Dowell
District 33: Page Turner (Robert Duvall is the incumbent running for reelection. The Mayor has targeted him for defeat. Robert is one of my favorite council members)
District 34: Carter Todd (unopposed)
District 35: Bo Mitchell (Bo Mitchell is very liberal and has the support of all organized labor. Tonya Jones is the candidate I am supporting)

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