Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mayor Dean just lied! Taking credit for Duane Dominy's work.

I know "lied" is strong language. Pundits often say someone "misspoke" or "miss represented the facts" or "spun the story." In the case of the Mayor taking credit and sharing credit with Councilman Duane Doniny's opponent for getting a four-way stop sign installed at a dangerous Antioch intersection, the Mayor lied.

Channel 4 news reports the truth of this story:

Channel 4 was able to obtain video of the very first city meeting about the need for a stop sign at Apollo and Manattee.

We were also able to view the last parking commission meeting where the stop sign was approved.

There was no sign of the Dean or Vercher, but there was plenty of Duane Dominy.

Antioch daycare owner Fran Bush has been fighting for that stop sign for 10 years and she says the mayor and his candidate had nothing to do with it.

The following channel 4 news clip tells the story, following a very short commercial. Please watch it and share.

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