Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kaminski for Metro Council!!--Metro Council District 25

From: Bob Schwartz
Subject: Kaminski for Metro Council!!--Metro Council District 25
I'm writing on behalf of James Kaminski who is taking on incumbent Sean McGuire in the Metro Council District 25 race.  James has a real shot at upsetting the left-leaning McGuire.  I'm supporting him and encouraging other fiscally conservative voters to do the same.
Here are a few highlights of the race:
  • Kaminski will fight against any increase in the tax rate during the next four years while McGuire supports the plan floated by the Mayor to raise tax rates twice over the next three years.
  • Kaminski opposes further corporate tax breaks and use of Metro monies to support private-sector projects, such as a new baseball stadium. 
  • Kaminski urges a YES vote to save and restore Nashville's Fairgrounds.
  • Kaminski, a graduate of Martin Luther King Magnet School, opposes Sean McGuire's plan to take authority for public schools from the School Board and give it to Metro Council.
  • Kaminski will hold monthly Town Hall meetings at the Green Hills Public Library while McGuire has missed almost 4 in 10 sub-committee meetings --- where the real work of the City is done --- during his term of office.
  • Kaminski's memberships/activities include:  Friends of Radnor Lake, Friends of Warner Park, the Green Hills Action Partners and Westminster Presbyterian Church.
Please vote for James KaminskiEarly voting started at the Green Hills Public Library on Friday, July 15th.  Election Day is Thursday, August 4th
Finally, if you could contribute $25-$50-$100 to James' campaign, it would be of great help in battling the incumbent.  Feel free to call me at 419-9615 with any questions or to offer your suggestions.  Thanks a million!
Bob Schwartz

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