Saturday, March 16, 2024

Bill creating the East Bank Development Authority needs to be Redrawn and Powers Limited.

From The Davidson County Republican Party, March 16, 2024-

 Your efforts are paying off!

On Wednesday, we alerted you to state Senate Bill 2968 which seeks to create an "East Bank Development Authority" with extensive control over the 536 acres surrounding the new NFL stadium (that received hundreds of millions of state dollars). The Authority's 7 voting members would all be Metro appointees, given significant power over the development. Thanks to your calls and e-mails, the Senate tabled the bill until Monday evening, allowing for a proper debate. In the state House, the bill (HB2984) was returned to the Local Government Committee for further consideration. The House committee has not scheduled a new hearing for the bill.

Here's what you need to do next...

With a possible Senate vote on Monday night, opposition to SB2968 needs to continue being communicated to Republican members of the Senate - particularly Senator Mark Pody, who now represents part of Nashville and is a cosponsor of the legislation. You can call Senator Pody's office at 615-741-2421 or e-mail him at

Rod' Comment: In my view no unelected body should have the power of eminent domain. Before property can be taken my eminent domain the elected body of the government taking the property should vote to do so. That authority should not be delegated. This bill needs to be rewritten and the power of The Authority limited. 

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