Thursday, March 14, 2024

Does this Signal a less Woke Tennessee Democratic Party?

by Rod Williams, March 14, 2024- What's going on with the Tennessee Democratic Party.  Has it gone to sleep? Is it less woke? I guess "asleep" it the opposite of "woke," right? 

I am on the mailing list of the Tennessee Democratic Party. Every time I get an email from the Chair (I almost said "Chairman," then caught myself), - anyway; every time I get an email from the Chair of the TNDP, he always signs off, following his name, with his "he, him" preferred pronoun and then his tittle, "Chair Tennessee Democratic Party." Well today, I got an email and he, (I assume he is still a "he") did not follow his name with "he, him." 

What's up?  Is it a change in direction and an attempt to attract normal sane people to the Tennessee Democratic Party? Or, did Remus just get tired of the silliness? Or, was it an oversight and he just accidently resorted to being a normal person? I am trying not to read too much into it, but I anxiously await the next email to see if this is a one-time slip up or a policy change. 

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