Saturday, March 16, 2024

Two days in a row, the Tennessee Democratic Party sent me an email without stating the sender's preferred pronoun.

by Rod Williams, March 16, 2024- On Thursday I posted that I had received a fund-raiser email from Hendrell Remus, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, in which he had failed to add "his" preferred pronoun along with his closing name. I have gotten emails from TNDP for a long time and am aware of the usual closing preferred pronoun usage.  Because I thought it was such a woke-signaling silly thing to do, I have paid attention to it. 

I got another email from Mr. Remus today, dated March 15th, and again no stated preferred pronoun. That make two in row.  I don't think this is an accident. I think we are witnessing a policy change. 

Was this a result of a decision made in committee or did Mr. Remus on his own decide to stop being so silly? Is he getting any pushback from the superwoke social justice warriors in the Party? Are Trans, non-binary, polygendered or gender fluid Dem's complaining? 

I will pay attention to see if there are three of these pronoun omissions in a row. If anyone has insight as to what is going on, tell me. 

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