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Senator Mark Pody explains The East Bank Development Authority bill. It does not confer Eminent Domain Authority

Senator Mark Pody
From Senator Mark Pody reposted from Eagle Forum, March 17, 2024-So much going on, it took me a while to get back to this, but as you consider your research, this might be helpful:

Thank you for your email regarding SB 2968, the East Bank Development Authority act. I am happy to share with you the facts of this legislation. SB 2968 is a local bill. It applies only to Davidson County, and does not have statewide application. I believe strongly in local government. As a conservative, I do not want Washington telling Tennessee what to do. Likewise, I do not think state government should dictate terms for local governments on local matters.

The East Bank Development Authority is a local matter. The vast majority of the land in the 130 acres that comprise the East Bank have long been owned by Nashville’s Metropolitan Government. The local government, in its judgment, has decided that a separate authority would be the best way to build and support the infrastructure necessary to develop the land directly across the Cumberland River from the city’s downtown. Senate District 17, which I represent, now includes a significant portion of Davidson County.

The new Nashville mayor has been open and straightforward about his plans for the Authority, including sharing early drafts of the bill with me. At my urging, the bill grants no eminent domain power. Likewise, I ensured that the state Comptroller would have the power to audit the Authority’s books annually. I am glad the board of the Authority will include three state officials—our Comptroller, Treasurer, and Secretary of State—all of whom are directly answerable to the Legislature. While a local matter, these are all measures of protection every Tennessean can support.

Finally, while the vast majority of development on the East Bank will be by private business, SB 2968 provides the best means by which the State can hold Nashville’s local government accountable for the success of projects such the new Titans stadium and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, both of which include significant State investment.

These are the reasons I am a co-sponsor of SB 2968. I deeply appreciate your activism as a committed person of faith. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time with questions regarding other legislation. God bless you and the great State of Tennessee.

Sincerely, Sen. Mark Pody

Rod's Comment: The above highlighting is mine. I had previously posted and expressed opposition to the bill. I am reassured and my primary concern has been allayed. 

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