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Shame on Freddie O'Connell for picking on bachelorettes.

by Rod Williams, June 22, 2023- You can't really say much in 30 seconds but unfortunately many voters will base their decision for whom to vote based on what they see in a 30 second video. Saturating the TV and laptop screens with ads does not always work, however. It did not pay off of Jim Gingrich who dominated the media for weeks and outspent everyone else then dropped out when his campaign did not gain traction. Nevertheless, we know that ads are important. I think it is safe to say that any candidate who does not have video advertising is a looser. The candidate without video ads is not a serious candidate and is not going to win.

The Pamphleteer, a relatively new, conservative-leaning, alternative on-line daily newsletter, has looked at the ads in this mayor's race and provided the ads and commentary on each ad. In an article THE MAYORAL AD RUNDOWN, they post and rank what they say are the ten most notable spots from this campaign season.  The Pamphleteer is pretty biting and has fun with it. Heidi Campbell ad is called "the very absolute worst political ad of this cycle and perhaps the 2020s." Freddie O'Connells is the next worst. 

Below is the Freddie O'Connell ad and The Pamphleteer's commentary. 

The key takeaway from Freddie’s first major spot is his utter contempt for the type of folks who like to live close enough to a metro area where they can catch a good game and a burger while in town. His obsession with young white bachelorettes during his bid warrants the state legislature switching up campaign finance laws so that he can use some of his contributions to keep a standing weekly session with an old-school Freudian after this whole thing is over.

It’s bizarre that a guy who touts his policy wonk status and obscure knowledge of Nashville’s every nook and cranny as his main selling point would associate himself with the spot’s ridiculous either/or premise. It’s even more baffling that the actor playing the billionaire could start a quite lucrative side hustle as a Joe Biden impersonator. 

Excluding Beto O’Rourke, there’s no better example of white liberal privilege than Freddie. Coming from any other candidate, the ad’s representation of women and black people would spark allegations of rampant misogyny and tokenism. The thing is, Beto has some semblance of cool. O’Connell just comes off as a GMO hybrid of Ned Flanders and Tom Hanks in Cast Away if he had a copy of A People’s History of the United States on the island instead of a volleyball.

I have looked at a lot of ads and I don't think one learns much from them. One cannot say much in 30 seconds. Mostly candidates gain name recognition and familiarity. Most of the ads say the same thing, like fully fund the police, spend more on schools, fix the roads, more affordable housing, and better mass transit. None say that if you put more money into anyone of these things, money comes from somewhere else or alternatively, we raise your taxes again.  And of course, the ads play on the prejudices of people in a growing city. They stroke resentment against newcomers, tourists, downtown, and big corporations. 

One thing I just don't get is why people hate bachelorette parties. Unless you go downtown you are not even going to see them. Well, they might go as far as 12th Ave South, but most people rarely encounter a bachelorette party. Nevertheless, I know people really don't like them. Why? They ride in open air entertainment vehicles and "woo-woo" and wave. That's about it. What is wrong with that? They don't commit crime. They spend money and they have fun but don't get in fights like guys would do. They spend a lot of money in our town and don't demand a lot of public resource. Long ago, from years of observation, I concluded that some people are not happy if other people are having fun.  I may be in the minority here, but I like bachelorette parties. Let me tell you a story:

A couple years ago or so, I was down on lower Broad.  Unlike a lot of people who hate lower Broadway, I still like it. I like crowds of happy people and I love music and I like cold beer.  I try to go in the afternoon on a weekday when it is not too crowded and not too crazy.  Before about 2PM, if they have any entertainment, it may be one low-key guy with a guitar. At about 2, a good band takes the stage. It really doesn't get too crowed until about 6PM.  The only two bars on lower Broad that play good country music is AJ's and Roberts, so that is where I usually go. Anyway, back to my story.  

I was on Broadway and a bevy of bachelorette beauties came out of a bar as I was going in. I was enjoying myself and I just acted spontaneously. There were maybe five or six of them and the bride had a sash or something distinctive that identified her as the bride. I said excitedly, "You're getting married!" She was happy; they were laughing. "Yes!" she said. "May I kiss the bride?' And, she let me. Now, it was just a chaste little kiss on the cheek, but it gave this old man a thrill. 

That first time was spontaneous and just happened but after that I tried it again. And it worked.  I think I kissed about four or five different brides and only got rejected once. I liked it and I they seemed to like it. Now, I know some of you will think of me as a dirty old man. I am not. I think of myself as a goodwill ambassador.

Anyway, Be nice to bachelorette parties. Shame on Freddie O'Connell for picking on them. 

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