Thursday, March 23, 2023

'He makes George Santos look like Mother Teresa:' Republican's ads call for Andy Ogles to resign

By: Phil Williams, WTVF, Mar 22, 2023 - Tennessee Congressman Andy Ogles faces a demand for him to resign following an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation.

That demand for Ogles' resignation comes in the form of full-page newspaper ads that call the Maury County Republican a "national embarrassment."

The ads were purchased by Bobby Joslin, a well-known Nashville civic leader with deep Republican ties, who says that — just two months into Ogles' term in Congress — it's time for him to go.

"I don't think the guy has a conscience," Joslin told NewsChannel 5 Investigates. "I think he makes George Santos look like Mother Teresa." ... "That story hit close to home," he explained. "I lost a son. I know the pain and the financial burden burying a child is."(read more)

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1 comment:

  1. Well said, Sir. He should resign. All his lies were bad enough but the inability to account for this money is far worse.