Tuesday, March 21, 2023

An arrest of Trump could help him win the nomination and election and what we should fear from a Trump win and a second term.

by Rod Williams, March 21, 2023 -Rich Lowry writing in National Review today said if Donald Trump’s Truth Social post about his impending arrest made it feel like our politics was about to reach another level of insanity, just wait. 

Lowery writes:

The impending Alvin Bragg prosecution offers a taste of what our national politics will be like post–November 2024 if Donald Trump wins the presidency again.

The Left freaked out in 2017, and that was before the Trump attempt to overturn an election, before January 6, and, we can presume, before he was indicted, perhaps more than once.

He says that if Trump wins the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, "it will be considered a damning indictment of our constitutional system," and this will be a new reason to deny the legitimacy of his victory. Last time around, the excuse to doubt his legitimacy was the false allegations of Russian collusion. 

Lowery says if Trump wins we can expect large-scale street protests, and the notion of national divorce will gain more traction on the left. He says Trump will probably be in personal danger as will those around him. 

He also writes that a new Trump administration will be stocked with officials more likely to act on Trump’s worst instincts and half-baked ideas than the first time around.

I agree with what Lowery writes but think he understates it.  In 2017 Trump's staff and cabinet members were mostly establishment Republicans and reasonable people. If Trump wins in 2024, I would not be surprised to see Marjorie Taylor Green as a cabinet secretary or White House advisor.  He will surround himself with people who will cheer him on, not try to moderate him.  He will attempt to amass additional power and subvert the constitution even more than before. I sense that his supporter, unlike traditional Republicans, are not very concerned with process but only outcomes. 

Also, should Trump win, I fear massive violent protest across the country from the left.  Remember the mass of people wearing 'pussy hats" and crying in the streets? This time, I fear violent protest. There will be a left-wing January 6. Following the BLM/Antifa uprising of 2020, those people did not just go away.  The press kind of downplayed the intensity of the "mostly peaceful" uprising but it was massive and violent. In one day in June 2020 there were protest in 550 cities. Across the county buildings were burned, police attacked, and people killed.  Those activists are still there. A Trump win will bring them out in force. A Trump win will not result in snowflakes in pussy hats crying in the streets, but violent people ready to die to keep Trump from taking office. And those violent protestors will probably be met by violent supporters of Trump.

A Trump win will probably result in the division in the country resulting in what will come close to resembling a civil war. Also, a Trump loss will probably also result in massive acts of terrorism and violence. The best thing that could happen is that Trump not be the Republican nominee. 

Unfortunately, if Trump is arrested, I think Trump will benefit politically and is more likely to be the Republican nominee in 2024. While I don't think anyone should be above the law, this investigation of Trump appears politically motivated. I hardly think paying hush money to a porn star with whom you had an affair is a serious crime. It is no worse than getting a blow job under the desk in the White House from an intern. 

I hope Trump is not arrested. We do not need him to be able to make the argument that he is being unfairly persecuted and an attack on him is an attack on his movement. 

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