Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Robby Starbuck responds to being kicked off the ballot in this fund-raising email. He needs to take a deep breath and get a grip

by Rod Williams, April 20, 2022 - I just received the following email fundraiser from Robby Starbuck. 

While I disagree with the decision of the TNGOP to remove him from the ballot, I think it was not a "startling concession to corruption." Also, I probably know some of these seventeen people who made up the committee who voted to remove Starbuck from the ballot or know of them. People I know who serve in the GOP as county or state officials, are unpaid and voluntarily give of their time and often their finances to serve the Party and the community. "Establishment operatives," does not describe them. They are hardly "the swamp," and they are not "thugs."

Starbuck tries to wrap himself in the Donald Trump flag by calling himself an unapologetic Pro-Trump candidate. However, don't forget. He does not have Trump's endorsement. Trump has endorsed Ortagus. 

Also, while I disagree with the TNGOP in knocking Starbuck off the ballot, to compare Tennessee to Communist Cuba is over the top and just nonsense. 

I know Starbuck is disappointed and probably angry and anger and inflamed rhetoric sell well among a lot of Republicans these days, but Starbuck needs to take a deep breath and get a grip. The tone of this letter reinforces my opinion that Robby Starbuck should not be the GOP's 5th Congressional district candidate.

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