Wednesday, April 20, 2022

More stupidity from Frank Nicely and Ortagus responds condemning his apparent anti-Semitism.

by Mark Moore, The New York Post, April 20, 2022 - ... “I don’t think Trump cares one way or the other,” Niceley told NBC News last month about the possibility of Ortagus being removed from the ballot. “I think Jared Kushner — he’s Jewish, she’s Jewish — I think Jared will be upset. Ivanka [Trump] will be upset. I don’t think Trump cares.” ....

“Anti-Semitism is the oldest and one of the most vile forms of hatred on this earth, and Senator Niceley should be ashamed of his repeated anti-Semitic rhetoric,” Ortagus tweeted Tuesday. “I am incredibly proud to call myself a part of the Jewish people.” (read it all)

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