Saturday, April 23, 2022

Lies and basic nonsense is being spread by critics of the TN GOP SEC decisions to remove Ortagus and Starbuck and Lee.

Mark Rogers
By Mark Rogers, originally appearing on a Facebook post, 4-22-202-  Lots of lies and basic nonsense is being spread by critics of the TN GOP SEC decisions to remove Ortagus and Starbuck and Lee. 

1) The SEC is dominated by people who were MAGA when Trump was only grifting business associates. Sadly too few true old-school Rs left.

2) The requirement that candidates vote in 3 of 4 primaries was a far-right move when they couldn't get legislative support for closing primaries. Regardless of what some people are saying, it wasn't moderates who are responsible for removing Starbuck and Ortagus.

3) Having someone vouch for a candidate isn't a silver bullet. SEC members are free to reject a candidate if they don’t think the person has been active in the party. Neither Ortagus or Starbuck had done anything for local Republicans in any of the 6 counties before running for a seat in Congress. There was no conspiracy of moderates or rules violation by the SEC. 

Personally, I think Baxter Lee got hosed but Ortagus and Starbuck are as 'Middle Tennessee' as the topless bachelorettes projectile vomiting from a party bus on Broadway. It isn't the newness, it is the lack of any involvement before wanting to represent us.

Rod's Comment:  Mark Rogers has long been active in Republican Party politics and is an astute observer of political trends and events and Republican politics. 

I think his observations on the issue of the SEC's removal of Ortagus and Starbuck and Lee is correct. I disagree with the decision to remove these three candidates but it was not RINO's, thugs, insiders, moderates, or the swam who removed these three candidates from the ballot. 

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  1. I tend to agree with both of you here. Really not happy with the attacks on TN because of this too. Newsome (Starbuck) will likely kill any political aspirations with how he is handling this. He's pitting himself against TN. Newsom went on OANN and said he was on a video conference with 19,000 TN-5 residents. I played it again to make sure he really said that. I doubt 19,000 here have even heard of him.