Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tonight. May 26th! Southeast Nashville and Antioch opposition to relocation of jail to that part of town- Meeting announced.

 Press Release, Nashville/Antioch, TN - Residents of Southeast Nashville and Antioch declare our opposition to the proposed relocation site and call on our Mayor, elected Metro City Council Representatives, and all related Metro Nashville government agencies to:

1.      Begin an ongoing dialogue with the residents of Southeast Nashville about the relocation; and,
2.      Explore other relocation sites and options; and,
3.      Keep the Criminal Justice Center at its current downtown location throughout this process.

Relocating the Criminal Justice Center to Southeast Nashville will:
1.      Permanently stigmatize the Antioch area as the area for incarceration; and,
2.      Establish the Antioch area as the only area of Nashville with the responsibility for housing prisoners; and,
3.      Hinder economic development of the area because desirable businesses will not want to locate in close proximity of the jail; and,
4.      Attract undesirable businesses, like bail bonding and cash advance businesses; and,
5.      Encourage the release of prisoners directly into our neighborhoods close to the Criminal Justice Center as a result of families of prisoners patronizing those bail bonding and cash advance businesses.


Invited:  Mayor Karl Dean, Sherriff Daron Hall, Metro Council Members, State Senators Yarbro, Harper and Dickerson, State Representatives Jones, Powell, Stewart, Capital Project Solutions President Jim Pustejovsky, Capital Project Solutions Principal Dick Darr, Mayoral Candidates Barry, Bone, Eskind-Rebrovick, Fox, Freeman, Gentry, Kane, Metro Govt Finance Department Representatives, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods Director Courtney Wheeler.
WHAT:  Community Meeting Regarding the Proposed Consolidation of All Nashville Jails to Southeast Nashville
DATE:  Tuesday, May 26, 2015
WHERE:  Global Mall at the Crossings Event Center, 5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway, Suite 292
TIME:  6:30 pm      

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