Monday, August 19, 2013

Radio talk show host Ralph Bristol to challenge Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander just picked up a major Tea Party primary challenger in the person of popular  radio host Ralph Bristol, reports Breitbart.

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  1. Joe Carr is the candidate to beat announced on his radio show this morning!

    Many people are excited about this.


  2. TO Ralph Bristol, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop referencing Social Security as an "entitlement PROGRAM!!!" It indeed is NO such thing, RALPH, . . . do YOU and your wife NOT pay into this program, as do we? Further, EVERY FAMILY MEMEBER we have paid "dearly," into this program, and MOST never retrieved one cent, from "their account!!" The majority of our family members worked all the way through their seventies, so. . . PLEASE opine as to how SS is an ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM, Ralph Bristol????

  3. Hello All,

    I am of the Far Right Winger, Ultra Conservative, Tea Party, and somewhat Libertarian type of person. As far as I'm concerned, the only difference between the Republicans (with a few exceptions) and Democrats is how fast they want to bring in Progressive Liberalism/Socialism. Lamar Alexander is the perfect example!

    I said all that to explain where I stand, to hopefully give you insight to what I'm about to say. I was fully supportive of Joe Carr, and had many people in my small sphere of influence vote for him. I supported him not only because he was a Tea Party candidate and his stated values were more aligned with mine, but more importantly, I wanted Lamar out PERIOD!

    Now to the point. Since the Primaries, I have not heard your political voice at all! It seems that you have the political mentality of “Joe lost so all is lost and we just settle for more Lamar”. If your only purpose was to put Joe in office, then you lost and you can go sulk in your corner for two more years. What about the last half of Joe's slogan, “NOT LAMAR”. Quite frankly, this was almost as important as the first half of that slogan, and at this point, is more important. We either get a true Democrat or a Rino. Either way, we lose! Great choice!?!

    I do not know much about Gordon Ball, but based on what little I do, he clearly “sounds” better than Lamar. Do you know things that I do not know? He may not be a “Tea Party” candidate, but sounds like someone the Tea Party can support over Lamar. Just because we lost the battle doesn't mean we should quit the war, the “lesser of two evils”.

    Please vet Gordon Ball, and either start promoting and supporting him, or let us know why Lamar would be the better choice!

  4. Where does Tennessee stand on the Convention of States? Are our Congress people on board with that? I sure hope so and if not, who are the main ones we should contact?

  5. Very late comment, but to whoever was begging someone to stop referring to SS as an entitlement must lack the understanding of the term "entitlement".
    As you stated, you and your entire family have paid in"dearly" to the SS program. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you and your entire family are, in fact, entitled to those funds.

    People are NOT entitled to food stamps, Obama phones, free housing, free internet. They are handouts, welfare, public assistance, hand ups, whatever label you want to put on those things will work. What will not work is the term entitlement. Entitlement means you worked for it, you earned it. Let's not confuse the freebies with something most people have put money into for decades.