Monday, July 29, 2013

Report from the Jack Johnson fund raiser featuring Rand Paul

I really enjoyed the Jack Johnson boots and BBQ event last night. There was a big crowd there, but when people are spread out at tables in a large hall it is difficult to estimate the number. When knowing I am going to write about an event like this, I usually go through a process of estimating, the crowd, but I didn't plan on writing about the event, so I did not do it this time, so my unscientific estimate is maybe 500. 

Rand Paul was very impressive.  The more I see of him, the more I like him. He gave a great explanation of just how bloated the Federal Government really is. He gave shocking and humorous examples of somethings the Federal Government spends our money on.  He explained how the government has drastically expanded the number of  medical billing codes (seven for being bitten by a Macaw. two different codes for walking into a lamp post) He gave great examples of unbelievable government waste. ($x to create a robotic squirrel to determine if a snake would strike a squirrel that did not move its tail. It will strike a robotic squirrel that does not move its tail .)

I liked Paul's comments that we must strive to make the Republican Party more inclusive and that we must be welcoming to all colors and people with tattoos and people with pony tails. He said we can make the party more inclusive and grow the Party while being true to our values, but that for poor people or young people who have no wealth and pay little taxes, that our message of opposing high taxes and excessive regulation, may not resonate with them. He said our message of being the party that advocates for liberty and privacy and staying out of peoples lives will resonate. I liked Paul's comments that we must care as much for the 1st amendment and the 4th amendment as we do the 2nd amendment. I could not agree more.

As some of you who know me or are regular readers of this blog know, my lovely wife, Louella, has Alzheimer's and has had it for several years. I can't go as many places as I used to and if I do go somewhere, it takes more planning and entails some risk and challenge. Louella did just fine last night and she enjoyed herself.  I enjoyed  seeing lots of political friends, some good Bluegrass music, good barbeque and good table conversation.

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  1. Paul is obviously gearing up for 2016. There is much that I like about him but as a social conservative and a national defense conservative there is much that troubles me. While I applaud his readiness to take a stand in the drone-bombing-cafes filibuster I think it was grandstanding over a non-issue. Also, while he is standing for the First Amendment I hope that will include standing up for religious liberties as a result of effort to marginalize opposition to same-sex marriage, especially as the drive for that ramps up in the wake of the Supreme Court Windsor decision. I hope he does not sign on to His father's ridiculous suggestion during the GOP primary debates to "privatize" marriage.

  2. Great pictures and report!Thanks Ron.