Wednesday, July 31, 2013

McCain: I would have "a tough choice" in a presidential election that pitted Mrs. Clinton against Sen. Rand Paul.

WHAT? Did McCain really say that? Yes he did.

"She's a rock star"
I have not been as harsh in my judgement of John McCain as some on the right.  When he was our party's nominee for president I contributed money and time to his election and had a bumper sticker on my car and a sign in my yard.  He was not my first choice but I got behind him.  In some policy disputes, I have made excuses and said there are issue about which reasonable people could disagree and I have not joined those who have denounced him as a RINO or a sell-out.  Now, however, John McCain has crossed the line. He has betrayed his party and the conservative movement.  He has attacked the conservative leaders of his own party, and praised Hillary Clinton.

In a wide ranging interview in The New Republic, in response to a question asking him to evaluate Hillary Clinton's job performance as Secretary of State, he said of Clinton, " I think she did a fine job. She’s a rock star. She has, maybe not glamour, but certainly the aura of someone widely regarded throughout the world."  This is said of the Secretary of State who allowed Benghazi to occur and took part in the scam that tried to say it was the result of  outrage over a Youtube video rather than a terrorist attack and who continues to be part of the cover up of Benghazi.

Later in the interview, there is this exchange:
IC: When Hillary Clinton versus Rand Paul occurs in 2016, I guess you are going to have to decide who to vote for, huh?
JM: It’s gonna be a tough choice [laughs].
Now, I myself am not totally comfortable  with Rand Paul.  The more I hear from him, the more I like him. However, some of his grassroots supporters are extreme isolationist and I need to be reassured that Rand Paul would not endanger American security by disengaging from the world in a reckless manner that would benefit our adversaries.  I, however, think we may be overextended in the world and some strategic retrenchment may be called for and I think the military can be as wasteful as any other agency of government. I also think the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and unnecessary. In any event, I do not think that if Paul proves himself to be a reckless isolationist he could win the nomination, so if there is a match-up between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul, I could not imagine it being a "tough choice."

In addition to not liking Rand Paul, McCain is critical of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and when asked who is his favorite Senators are he names Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Carl Levine. H also says, "Lindsey Graham is like a son to me."

I am kind of late getting here, but I am over John McCain. 

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